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"I have asked my landlord to repair certain minor things in the apartment and also asked him after we have been there for over five years to please check the furnace and air ducts. They have pretty much swept it under the rug hoping we would forget about it. I also asked him that we have our front porch light out and that some light switches have a popping sound coming from them and a few times got shocked. I asked him to fix it and told him what had happened and all he did was laugh about it. This has been over two years. What can I do to get these people to follow through on all of the things we have asked about? We can have things in writing and not in writing and STILL not get anything done. What can be done on my part before I nicely get upset and say something about being there for five years and all that has been done was our furnace filters replaced every 5-8 months and we had our ice maker replaced. Please someone help...Thank you."

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