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"so my evaluation is that I loved the movie, I thought for the story they were trying to tell it was a bit long and drawn out, the driving plot in the movie was wanting, though the heart warming moments kept it afloat, it was a sweet showing of a relationship being built rather than the typical love at first sights of the romantic comedies. As for the acting, Emilie de Ravin does not get enough credit for this movie she was touching and sweet and tried her damn est to make her "Mary-Sue" character have depth, but there is only so much a girl can do with a script, I am as of yet undecided about Robert Patterson , At times he impressed me, at other times all I could think was BROODY BROODY BROODY perhaps he should move away from tortured souls for a while and give the happy side of his acting muscles a stretch. I think the boy has potential and it would be a shame for him to disappear with Twilight Hype. The true underdog of the movie of course is Ruby Jerins who is hardly ever commented on. Stunning performance by one so young, and gave a heart wrenching performance as the bullied little sister. What upsets most people of course is the ending, I was very young when it happened and was safe thousands of miles away, so I gave the emotional response the director was looking for However for someone who is old enough to not just remember but to comprehend what was happening I can see how this must have been a complete insult and smack in the face, the subject matter could have been dealt with with a little more tact - dropping hints along the way what was to come I think would have given it the Titanic effect it was going for, and if it was shock that they wanted, then a car crash would have sufficed, and the same message would have been revised with out offended the memory of hundreds of people. Overall I think it was an inexperienced script that killed the movie, while there were many interesting, heartfelt moments the story was inconsistent and dropped in many places. And yes people, I did cry at the end =)"

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