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"I feel as though my enjoyment of this film has been spoilt by too much exposure to cynical critiques and feminist diatribes aimed at the whole Twilight series, but it deserves to be recognised for the generally decent entertainment it is, Sure, the idea of a vampire bent on pre-marital chastity is pretty laughable, and the spectacle of Jacob and Edward competing for Bella is demeaning, but if you want a chick flick with fangs and don't mind overdosing on Teen emo angst, you will enjoy this film. It's a little slow in parts but some of the fight scenes are quite visually appealing, even if they seem to involve more prolonged and slightly silly sprinting than actual fighting. Finally the message of the third film is clear:- be yourself, not who others say you should be (choose the vampire who represents the world where you belong, rather than the werewolf who represents the world where you ought to belong). I'm not sure that I agree with the message, or that the message even matters, but it's not about sex, desire or even love. It's simply about teen angst and self-acceptance."

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