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"I would like to point out that some teenagers have very clear sensible views on Eclipse,donkeyfish. In my opinion Stephanie Meyers writing isn't strong in many areas, however it is the love and hidden meanings in the books that truly entices young girls such as me and my friends. I will be truly disappointed if the film does not follow this up but in my opinion it is rather rare for films to ever meet the standards of books as you can't display everything the actor is thinking, even amazing actors cannot portray every single thought. I feel that this film, though,was not meant to be taken extremely seriously, it is aimed at teenage girls, so why "ADULT filmgoers" are commenting on this and getting agitated i am not sure, I will enjoy watching this with my bestfriend however the film quality turns out even if it is completely different to the film because it is just a fun night out. The twilight saga in my view, has had a huge effect on my life. Oh and way to show adults in a mature fashion donkeyfish. You and I both know that people my age do not watch CCbeebies. I read Timeout and find it interesting as it happens. Can't wait for eclipse."

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