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"Kubrick filmed a dream-state; The Shining disturbingly evokes the sensation of being in the hypnagogic drift - "do I dream or do I wake?' Time Out's reviewer "FF" failed even to mention that The Shining was the first movie to use the now-commonplace SteadiCam, and s/he completely, utterly, ignores the presiding metaphor - that the Overlook is the United States. The metaphor is there is you want it - but once a viewer chooses to test that reading of the film, it's astounding to realise how brilliantly The Shining sustains and bears the geopolitical interpretation. Just because it doesn't have the low-budget grunge of the original Night of the Living Dead or Last House on the Left doesn't mean that Kubrick didn't know how to evoke a class-ridden America gone demonstrably mad. Reagan's at the door with his axe; "Heeeeere's Ronnie!""

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