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"I normally do not write reviews because in reality is it worth it, but i had to make a response to some fo the blatently and quite frankly ridicuolous poor reviews of this movie. At the end of the day Avatar was nominated for best bicture and best director for the oscar academy awards and won 3 awards including for cinematography and artistic production. James Cameron created nto just a film but an entire world with so many diffrent characters which blended together very well to say the least. The story is not original, abviously the theme is taken from probably dancing with wolves, even the last samurai. But that doesn't matter because the strory worked very well; and the editing of the movie was also first class in my opinion linking the out of this world action sequences with strong emotional scenes. Zoe Zaldana who played Ni'tiri was absolutely excellent in her portrayal of the elegant huntress and Sam worthington was also very good. BU the most stupid comment i read was that the world did not seem real; for god's sake wake up dullards. I saw this film in 3d at BFI Imax, and it was totally amazing; the level of artisitic detail was unbelievable; the flying banshees in particular appeared totally real especially with the 3D photo real technology used as were all the creatures like the Thanator-that huge black panther type creature. In terms of the emotional content of the film; If there are people out there that did not find the scene of the destruction of home tree very sad and wrere not emotionally moved then clearly there is something very wrong with some people; beacuase the way that scene was filmed was one of the best i have seen in any movie. The bottom line is this: Cameron has produced a totally outstanding and immersive film and his entire production team should be congratulated on a great piece of work; this film is still being shown in london, 8 months later!!; there were some weaknesses of course-that it was a bit too long and some of the human characters were a bit 1 dimensional, I suppose in an attempt to accentuate the difference between the 'nasty' humans and the Naavi and their love of nature, but that didn't bother me because the acting roles by Sam Worthington, Zoe Zaldana and Sigourney weaver supported the film very well within the beautiful world that is Pandora; and even the character Quaritch i thought was portrayed very well; he really made a good villain. For all you avatar haters-I don't believe that you didnt find the film entertaining at all-because at the end of the day it is a brilliant action sci-fi adventure and its the world that cameron created that made this such a great movie, you do end up wanting to be a Navvi. At the end of the day it made 2.5 billion dollars at the box office what more evidence do you need!!; it's not trying to be a movie with a massive acting cast and drawn out acting scenes; if you want that go and watch a Shakespeare play for christ's sake!! One last point- I saw the Hurt locker; it''s OK but nothing brilliant; and for some of those dumb asses who think it's the best war movie ever; you need to get your heads examined and watch more war movies; the best war movies are from 20-30 years ago, remember The longest day, The battle of the bulge ( the one with aka Kojak), A bridge to far, das boot, and remember Saving Private Ryan-that film is just 12 years old and that really was a great movie. The hurt locker cannot even compare to these films; that's why no-one had even heard of this film until the oscars. The hurt locker won the oscar just so that a woman would be the first director to win, and that's it."

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