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"I suffered the gross misfortune of being sent this as a recommended choice from LoveFilm and I now need to work out a way of invoicing them for the 2 hours of my life they have stolen. Where do I start? This film has tried to transcend every genre which in principle is an interesting concept. The only flaw here is that every part is done badly. How can you have a hilariously camp, comical and ultimately likeable rent boy wrapped in cling film having his heart cut out in a brutal attack because some self-pittying little scamp is ashamed of his little birth mark. It just makes no sense! As the viewer you want Jamie to man up as opposed to strike an allegiance with some lizard-like creatures who look like hooded extras from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I almost want everyone to watch this film just to experience how poor film making can be. All this said, I console myself with the fact that I haven't laughed as much at any movie (comedy or otherwise) in a long time. The only problem with that is that I was laughing at the sheer pretence of trying to do glue these scenes together and call them a film. TIME OUT!?!? You credibility is questionable. 4 STARS? Please. PS. I do think Eddie Marsan was the best thing in it."

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