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"The Exchange in Notting Hill is an absolute joke. When they say nothing is refused what they really mean by that is they'll take everything, but will pay you a whole penny for the pleasure...I really kid you not. Didn't expect to be offered one whole penny for a last season checkered blazer from Diesel, or a pair of Dexter Wong jeans in perfect condition, alongside a number of other items I know they'd end up selling for at least a thousandth more. To be honest it's actually really quite insulting to be offered such a low amount of money for clothes that aren't particularly dated or in bad condition, especially when you consider in their promotional material how they brag about offering sellers at least 25-30% of the eventual sale price. Naturally I wasn't expecting to walk out of the store with a thick wad of £50 notes, but 1p just seems offensive to me, especially when the rather unpleasant loser serving me clearly got something out of mumbling his offer. When I questioned the guy about the offer he'd made, he informed me some of the items were not in good enough condition, citing for example a Mickey Mouse sweater which happened to have a hair on it. Yes, a hair... this was his reasoning for the low ball offer. Honestly this guy must think we're all cretins. As much as I would have liked to have made some money, I'd rather see the clothes go to charity for free, then have to know these con artists royally ripped me off. Don't bother selling anything to these guys. Ever."

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