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"What about talks on secret subterranean London all free.These are just a few on offer look here for more info Living London uncovers the mysteries that lie beneath us. Sat 11th Sept at 11 am Free Living London will give a free talk on Subterranean London. Find out about secret tunnels and rooms that exist in our city. The talk will explore many locations, uncovering the mysteries, they lie beneath us. 'Eighth Wonder of the world' on Sat 11 th Sept 2pm Free Brunel's Tunnel was designed to move cargo under the Thames, but opened as a banquet hall, shopping arcade and underwater fairground. Now part of the London Overground, this is the oldest tunnel in the oldest metro system in the world. Robert Hulse, Director of The Brunel Museum, tells the story of the men who worked in the dark, dodging flames and raw sewage every day to build what the Victorians called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World' Silver Vaults Tue 14th 11am Free Rebecca will reveal the history and secrets of one of London's oldest trades, taking visitors on a virtual tour through the underground jewellers workshops of Hatton Garden. Here we will see how some of the most illustrious gems are forged carefully by hand, using tools and techniques that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and follow stone-setters, polishers and engravers as they work their magic below the streets and shops of the city. Empire of Shadows Tue 14th Sept 1.30pm Free This talk explores Victorian London's criminal underworld through contemporary representations and popular melodramas in which the metropolis was reproduced on-stage. It will investigate the notorious subterranean locations believed to be occupied by a vast criminal and outcast population. The talk will also reveal the symbolism of London 's depths in the nineteenth century as the locus of buried desires, a dark mirror to the world above ground and a lost realm of magic and superstition in contrast to the daylight city of rationalism and progress. 'Into the Belly of the Beast: Exploring London's Sewers' Tue 14th 4pm Free This talk will consider the allure of London's sewers, past and present. It will cover early explorations of these secretive spaces - from the poet Ben Johnson to the Victorian journalist John Hollingshead - to the present day activity of 'draining'. Drawing on the speaker's own experiences and richly illustrated with photographs, this talk will appeal to all those fascinated with London's underbelly."

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