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"I have used Designer Alterations for over a year now, but my last experience with them was disgraceful and I do not recommend using them. I have suffered enormous upset from this incident, and am taking legal action to get a refund for two dresses. I have spent over £10,000 with them for about 9 made to measure items. The last two dresses I received, one which was for my cousins wedding ,was two months overdue and thrown together by what I suspect to be poorly trained outworkers. At the wedding in the dress I was left humiliated as many of the flaws were pointed out to me . The dress did not fit me despite many fittings, the skirt not the same measurement around the hem, the lining a different length through the chiffon, uneven, visible and the hems edged by what looked like a three year old. THe other one I did not wear it was so badly made and unfinished. This company is obsessed with an overlocking machine, which cheapens the garments when it is used on a such a level. Words cannot describe how awful this company is. They exploit and take advantage of anyone looking for a made to measure service and alterations. Their prices do not reflect the service they provide and are cynical. Their customer service is rude and harassing. I will happily spend embarrassing sums on a dress, but I expect to receive a good quality and well fitting item that I may see as a classic heirloom in my wardrobe. I might as well as gone to the local community college textile class and made a student very happy with a good thousand pounds in their wallet. All in All Designer Alterations is on par with Emperors New Clothes. They will let you walk around naked and tell you how wonderful what you are wearing looks."

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