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"Tom Huddleston: "A great running gag is a tricky thing to pull off: get it right and you’re looking at a bottomless well of laughs, get it wrong and you’ve got a predictable, tiresome joke that just won’t die. ‘The Other Guys’ may lack depth, insight, ambition or artistic integrity. But with no less than three successful running gags – one involving four tramps having sex in a cop car – it’s hard to imagine a sane audience complaining". Well, I went to see this based on his 4 Star rating and it really never gets started. It's a harmless, albeit wasteful comedy that never really gets going. There were only 6 people in the cinema that I saw it in last night. Normally I would be thankful, but on this occasion I felt I wanted more of an audience to see what an awful review this is. Walberg doesn't ever look as if he really believes in the dreadful role he has. Ferrell is just a 2nd rate Charles Grodin! This is a film that tries to sound and be clever, weaving a fast-paced script around its cast which sounds as if it came from a group of untalented rap singers! The over-expensive looking car pile ups are a disgrace for they contribute not to the film but more to the view of an awful amount of waste. Really this is a film with no purpose and worse still hardly any storyline. How it succeeded in it's pitch-form is an enigma to me. But then, Tom liked it. I'm sure the distributors of this film like him too!"

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