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"Actually, Nick Nolte turns into a giant placenta at the end of Hulk. The Ang Lee film is boring, too long, poorly acted, and the Oedipal stuff is nonsense (actually everything Nick Nolte says is nonsense)... but the sequence when the Hulk finally lets rip in broad daylight is terrific, and puts most crappy action movie directors to shame (all right, I just mean Michael Bay). It seemed to me like the Louis Leterrier film took out the stupid psychology stuff, but couldn't figure out what to put in its place - the result is just empty. And anyone who thinks that the ending of the Watchmen film is an improvement over the giant squid is just clutching at straws, I'm afraid. It's just a weak-piss imitation of Heroes season one (oh, but with extra cities being destroyed, I forgot!)."

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