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"ATTENTION all film festival goers! The film TABLOID by ERROL MORRIS IS A HOAX! It is NOT the true Joyce McKinney story. Its producers pretended to be doing a tv series for Showtime Network about people whose lives were destroyed by tabloids, to get footage of Ms. McKinney and then while the deceptive Morris had her on camera, his henchmen ransacked her luggage and stole her photos, personal belongings and scrapbook out of her 33 year memorabilia collection, as well as some film treatments she had written. Morris and his conniving producer LIPSON then used the stolen photos and coupled them with libelous stories slandering Ms. McKinney and holding her up to public ridicule. The the producer also physically assaulted her and told her service dog would die if she did not sign a paper absolving them from the theft. This film has caused severe emotional trauma to Ms. McKinney and again, it is NOT her TRUE story Her true story is about an Erin Brockovich type gal who tried to rescue her fiance from a cult which had him under brainwashing and mind control in England, and then the cult tries to put her in jail and orchestrates a worldwide PRESS HOAX that she "kidnapped and raped" him---a lie since she was 112 pounds and he was 300 pounds and 6'5! Morris could have used his time to do a straight investigative piece, as he had promised Ms. McKinney, to clear her name and expose the Truth. Instead he did a Porno Doc--a sick Mockumentary-- which was a silly sex comedy which will be disqualified from the Academy Awards because it is NOT FACTUAL."

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