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"By the way, your libelous that she "abducted "a man (who in reality is 300 pounds) subjects YOU to a lawsuit yourself. Ms. McKinney was not even CHARGED with kidnaping and raping a man in 1977! THAT was the Mormon PRSS HOAXl Morris gives that false impression in his film, which causes idiots like you to falsely accuse her. Maybe you can be subpoenaed for the lawsuit as an example of how he cause people to hold her up to public ridicule by making it appear that she was guilty of crimes which she was never even CHARGED with, much less guilty of! And by the way, you need a Preview on your column so we can do spell checking and correct our typos. For example my piece above should read that Lipson was a "PRODUCER" not "prosecutor". At least we CORRECT our mistakes, Hope you're man enough to do the same."

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