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"I woke up this morning smiling as I relived moments of unexpected humour in the film. Although initially like a crazy fly buzzing around Tom's head Aiden's daft endearing innocence, his loyal true and open heart gradually win Tom over even teaching him a few things? Aiden's stupid naivety leads him to throw himself into a few fists. He takes all the knocks his greedy world throws at him and bounces back with a grin. As I warmed to Aiden in contrast Linda, his deceitful violent "girlfriend" has let greed turn her heart into a shrivelled and ugly hole. Direction took me along twists and turns in the plot. Clear, unpretentious, tenderly observed film,which made me laugh and carry on smiling into the next day. If the director and screenwriter Jamie Thraves could do this with £30,000 (after remortgaging his home) give him at least double to make the next one."

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