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"THE MOVIE IS A TOTAL BUST AND DISAPPOINTMENT AND THAT IS THE GOD'S TRUTH..HERE IS WHY .How on earth could the same man that produced king kong, The Hobit Trilogy release this work on to the public. The only assumption is a major health event has occured to Petger Jackson. The animation and rainbows and plot misdirection was unbearable. The subject matter is so timely and could have provided some heart wrenching emotions from the viewer and illustrated the seperation of life and death in the minds and hearts of families with insight and maturlity. All opportunities for the viewer to relate to this movie were overshadowed by the illusion ofsome fairytale limbo that was so disconnected they appeared to be totally unrelated. HOW VERY SAD ... THIS MOVIE IS A BUST.. YOUR TIME IS TOO VALUABLE TO CONSIDER THE INVESTMENT IN TIME."

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