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"to Marie: Most of the good libraries are attached to universities and unless you have an arrangement with one of them, paid their sometimes exhorbitant fee, or are in a university that is part of their partnership scheme, they will not let you in, and even then wifi access may not be part of the package. Even so, most of them do not have good cafes. Something that you might look into is joining the British Library. Note that not everyone can join. But usually if you are undertaking academic research (such as writing a thesis) and can provide proof of your residence (it doesn't have to be in London, they just need a permanent address) you can usually get a membership varying between 1 and 3 years (for a Masters Thesis I would expect 1 year). They have free wifi, a great cafe in the building, plus a few decent ones around it, are easily accessible (just down from Kings Cross), and, as they are a copyright library, you can gain access to any document published in the UK since the British Library opened (taking between 1 hour and 72 hours to get, depending on the item). I would definitely look into that. The reading rooms are really nice places to study as they have strict guidelines regarding noise (and annoyingly about bringing in personal items)."

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