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"THE CUPCAKE COMPANY Kensington Church Street The cupcakes are in line with their competitors but if the service is like what I just witnessed, it could easily drive the place out of business. While getting some cupcakes I watched the owner scream at and then run out of the room in tears, while yelling 'get out of my shop' at the top of her lungs to a woman who was trying to ask some questions about what would be available for an order that she had pre-arranged but they hadn't done. The poor customer left near tears-as the owner screamed uncontrollably 'get out' while throwing baking implements across the room. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it before-I am still dumbfounded! I simply cannot imagine how this place could ever stay in business. As I left (without buying anything as I was so turned off) a few women had gathered on the front pavement, and one mentioned how rude they had been to her the week before also. We all tried to comfort the woman that this had happened to-who had a birthday party for her daughter and was now in a bind. We were all completely shocked at what had just occurred, and agreed that we had never seen anything like that before by a vendor. I then mentioned this to a friend who said that there is an informal boycott of ordering from this shop as orders are incorrect/late/poor and then the response is over the top rudeness-as if it is the customer's fault. The cupcakes might look nice, but don't make an order here and if you have to go in, please be quiet as the owner seems unstable."

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