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"I was born in Hackney and have lived in London fields for the last 13 years. The market prior to 2004 had been dead for 20 or more years. John the fruit and veg man was it's sole trader for much of that time. Many of the shops were empty and so weren't contributing anything to the community. Now we have a thriving market and those preexisting shops such as the butcher, fruit and veg stall, hardware, chemists etc are do a roaring trade because of the increase in footfall and money on the street. I struggle to see how what broadway market has become is in any way worse than what it was previously . For those who thought it should have been a different market , what were you doing for the last 20 years and why didnt you set up something yourself? There's still plenty of cheap shops and stalls in hackney, broadway market is just something a bit different most of us to enjoy. JW get that chip off your shoulder."

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