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"Probably the finest WWII movie ever made, with unsurpassed technical perfection. The visuals are grainy, de-colorized, and filmed in a first person aspect that convey an adrenalin driven, "fight or flight" vision that one experiences briefly during a car wreck, a fall, or in combat. The audio is astounding, and actually had me flinching during the harrowing first twenty minutes of the film. Exceedingly realistic and recorded in perfect three dimensional, positional audio that firmly plants you on that horrific beach. The film contains two climatic battles at the beginning and end, and two gripping squad level skirmishes in between, While it does not pretend to be documentary, it does follow historical events closely, especially at Normandy Beach. As an amuetrure historian obssesed with WWII, I can tell you that every event portrayed on that Beach is an accurate depiction an actual event as conveyed through hours of interviews with actual the participants. It was impressive to see the film makers go to such level of detail to ensure historical accuracy within the screenplay. As such, I would also agree that this movie should be required viewing for every tenth grade student in America."

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