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"this film did not have the depth in it that the book did that made you fell great empethy for the characters involved, some of the characters could have been a little better casted as they did represent the characters within the novel by hosseini and the film did not fully portray the full meaning of the words that were being spoken. as a whole the film was well directed without any influance from the novel but the film was deprived from the novel so should have shown more detail in the crucail parts in the plot. maybe it should have been a 15 and included more of the horrific happenings to amir and sohrab it should also have shown more of the ending of the book as there are some crucial elements of the plot that there needed to be. they should have also included hassans hairlip and when amir needed to go to hospital, he should aslo have been shown with a hair lip from his fight with assef as this i a crucial benifactor of the final chapters with in the novel and should also have been shown in the film :)"

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