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"Ummm. I liked the locations/sets, thought the supporting cast performed admirably and that the two leads did well enough ASSUMING that you were not supposed to have any sympathy for either of them, the photojerk being depicted as somebody I would not want to touch with yours and the (forced engagement?) poor-little-rich-girl being a non-entity. My problem with the film is that, given the setting, the story was trivial, did not exibit any logic and did not come to any normal conclusion. Since the octopii did not seem to have any ranged powers why did not the girl fly home? Why was there not more explanation of why the octopii were not dealt with quickly by conventional forces? Where were all the intermediate sized monsters (in vast quantities given the copious fungal/egg-sacks)? Why were the monster supposedly confined to Mexico given that they were amphibious and had already reached the coast? I'm all for the theory that an SF film can have a ridiculous premise, but that the story should develop rationally from that point but this film is devoid of any such logic. Comparisons with Cloverfield and District 9? Cloverfield agreed, another crap film that provides no explanations but which does at least have the decency to kill off all the useless characters that have been introduced. District 9 is in a different league, I would look forward to continuation of that story. As it is I look back at Monsters and declare it to be a waste of time, a shame since with a different script it is obvious that the crew could have produced something worthwhile."

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