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"I saw the first TRON when I was a ZX Spectrum playing kid and loved it. The idea that a laser could zap you and insert you into the machines was an incredible story for a tech addicted child back in the 80s. The new film has been poorly received by critics and unjustly so. It is a stunning film - it makes Avatar look like 'the bill'. The characters are not strong but the sheer beauty of the film and the impressive soundtrack make for a hugely enjoyable experience. There are also really great moments of 'real life' that were touches that reminded me in parts of bladerunner or other homages to films / books, etc. I saw this at the 3D IMAX in London and would advise anyone to do the same. TRON is a work of art and if you let your mind run free a bit and indulge yourself you will be rewarded."

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