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"Sometimes we can do without `modern cynicism`, and there's nothing wrong with a film being `gently amusing`. This is a charming feel-good film which makes no apologies for itself . OK . . .so life isn't like this . . . but . . . it's a rom-com .. . what do you expect ? The Holiday is a charming film, well-acted with a nice score from Hans Zimmer, and for a couple of hours the world seems a better place to live in . . . . Let the Time Out Critics have their Citizen Kane or Rachel Getting Married to name two of the most pretentious films ever made . . . . . and which most people have never seen . . . It's films lilke ` The Holiday` and Notting Hill` which get the punters into the cinemas . . . .Time Out's condescending review is irritating . . . .This film is classy entertainment with a lot of heart, . . . . .recommended!"

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