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"Hi Phil, Sure, you have to be there to access wi-fi. The point I was trying to make was that the establishments that supply "free" wi-fi expect me to spend money at them. That's especially clear if I need to ask for a password. On my way here from New Zealand I found free wi-fi at Perth Airport in Western Australia, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, and at a hostel in Goreme, Turkey. Before I left New Zealand I had heard that by December free wi-fi was going to be available on part of Wellington city's harbour waterfront. And while I was in Midland, a city on the north side of Perth, I saw a notice that free wi-fi was available in the CBD. You could say that all the airports and cities expect people to spend money in them, so there's no such thing as a truly 'free wi-fi connection', but what I'm interested in finding is wi-fi with no explicit strings attached, which I expected when I read " well as some free wifi hotspots". Cheers, Nigel"

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