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"Once upon a time Cher used to be a good actress, and even won an Oscar. However, a fortune on plastic surgery and many years later, she now looks like an imperious drag queen. On the up side, she’ll soon be able to double for Quentin Crisp - she just needs the fedora. Given she was supposed to be the “star” of Burlesque and the only one who didn’t lipsync and sang her songs, I was immediately struck by the notion that it would have helped if she’d bothered to learn the songs so when she lipsync’d with herself in the opening number she’d be vaguely convincing. . Aguilera is very so-so – unfortunately the course of this film has clearly been written to act as a singer-dancer-actress vehicle for her. This movie is predictable, so much so a toddler with a first set of crayons could have written a more imaginative and convincing script. Cher, Aguilera, and Tucci are all good performers – but this is a terrible story/script/vehicle, and not right for any of them. Time Out’s critique of this film is totally accurate save for one thing – they gave it two stars - one star is generous."

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