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"This film has been well received by film critics . . it's a very cerebral film .. as are most film critics . . . the main characters are nerds .. . as are most film critics . .. so you have to take this in account when reading reviews. That said, it is an engrossing film which gets to grips with the originators of facebook, . . .and effectively takes you into the WASP world of Harvard in Boston USA where Eisenberg gives a convincing performance as the head-centred computer genius Zuckerberg, descibed as an `asshole` ( with some justification ) in the opening scene. This is an extremely intelligent film, and quite a head-trip, although the director throws in some shapely interns as groupies for the fast-fingered computer geeks, What is interesting about this film is its spin on the power games and legal wranglings of the main protagonists . . .. and its refusal to set any moral parameters for its anti-heroes . . . Zuckerberg makes some progress . . . but at the end of the film . . is still `an asshole` ( albeit a very rich asshole) Definitely worth seeing, but too narrow in its scope to be the great film that some film critics would have you believe."

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