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"With a great deal of justification, Michelle Williams played whiney wife to Heath Ledger’s two-timing bisexual husband in Brokeback Mountain. However, in Blue Valentine it’s extremely hard to understand why Williams is constantly whining – perhaps the pinched, pained expression is all she’s capable of. . Although the relationship between the characters played by Williams and Gosling is explored in some detail across five or six years in this film, it’s unclear why Williams keeps saying she “can’t take it any more”. As far as I could see, Gosling plays nice, relaxed, jokey, extremely caring husband (most likely taking on another man’s unborn child when they wed) to Williams’ uptight nag. I thought the script and characterisation in this film were very poor. I was expecting much more from a film that has been Oscar nominated – in my opinion this film is pure list filler. I looked at my watch several times. I noticed the audience fidget, and two people left. This film’s a bit of an endurance test, and it’s difficult to see how anyone involved in this movie will walk away with any serious gongs this season. If you decide to see this one, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. PS The near-abortion scene is grim, and nearly had me walking out – be warned. Two (generous) stars. It'll be interesting to see what (regulars on this site) Scrumpyjack and Archgate make of this film."

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