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"This is a great movie. Giamatti plays short, tubby, Barney - an occasionally coarse magnet to tall attractive women. Other than 10 minutes that could fall to the cutting room floor, there’s nothing bad I have to say about it. It’s very, very well cast – flawless, even – with Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, and Paul Giamatti all outstanding. There’s a good, subtle grain of humour running through the movie, and some great paternal advice from Dustin Hoffman to Paul Giamatti: “Son, you know what marriage is like at the start – all brisket and b**wj**s”, which left me chuckling for a few minutes. For Pike and Giamatti, this is a great movie. If you liked Giamatti in quirky “American Splendor”, you’ll like him in this. Pike is outstanding as Giamatti’s wife, and Christ she’s looks gorgeous on that bed in just lace pants. Phew. Three stars. A film I'll see again, and probably get on DVD."

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