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"I’m surprised the story of Rapunzel wasn’t animated by Disney decades ago. Things being what they are, the story’s told in glorious 3d. The only trouble is, 3d hasn’t yet been perfected, and I nearly went crossed eyed at one point during Tangled. The story here’s well known, so adding another dimension to it (3d?) probably seemed a good idea. However, when you think of the fantastic job Disney did in 1937 with Snow White and limited animation tools, I don’t think the quality of Rapunzel’s done Disney any favours – not once did I gasp at the animation, despite there being considerable advancements in the past 70 years. Think of the quality of Bambi (1942), and the quality of Rapunzel becomes all the more questionable. And the story is seriously long – particularly as it’s intended for kids – some of it's just not interesting, and I found myself daydreaming - 30 minutes could easily have fallen to the cutting room floor. However, some of the adult humour’s very good – the overbearing-emotionally-blackmailing “mother”, and the Marcel Marceau scene about 2/3rd of the way through were particularly funny. But like I say, a bit too long, and the quality’s questionable. For my money, “Despicable Me” has to be one of this past year’s best animations. There were ten of us in a cinema intended for several hundred. Two stars."

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