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"haha, Gary no offence taken mate. i'm guessing your tongue is a little bit in your cheek there re the right-wing comments about london jobs for londoners. For the record, i didnt come to London, i'm a londer born and bread, my parents chose to come here. I had little choice as to where I was born. As for the "understanding" of pizze being for everyone, i agree 100%, and the promulgation of pizza across the world is something that neapolitans are very proud of. However when it comes to judging whether and item is "authentic", surely logic would dictate that those responsible for having created that item should be the authority, no? For instance a native italian speaker would be in a better position to decide what was correct usage of the italian language than a frenchman who learned italian at school. Would u not agree? The same can be said about many cultural products. To put it another way, would an Englishman in New York not be in a better position to judge what is "authentic" british fish 'n chips, than an American? Or an Indian curry etc...? PS - they also have awesome pizza in Tokyo, they send all their pizzaioli to Naples to learn from the master pizze makers."

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