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"MadWomen, I am sorry your favorite movie sucks, but Ad Hominine reasoning doesn't make the movie any less shallow. As far as your response the author’s innocent assumption, what roots are “you” trying to reference? Your spelling of “Italian” suggest that you might be insinuating he is a poor white working class ignorant cracker! This is perfectly reasonable. He mentioned race issues in the review and he—Hold the Press—picked up on a New York Jewish accent, paternal action, and physiognomy. You and I know this to be silly a silly inference. (People all sound, act and look the same.) We have certainly never seen these traits used indicate ethnicity on TV. (I thought I saw it in Seinfeld, but it turns out the Costanza’s Jewish background wasn’t directly mentioned in the show. It was only mentioned in interviews with Larry David and Jason Alexander. They figured it was obvious the way it was scripted.) Thanks to your insight we have another dreg from which to distance ourselves. We’ll have to take extra precautions next time to ensure he doesn’t escape the destitution in which he belongs, and we certainly can’t have him parading around with a pen pretending to be rational. Seriously though, the mother talked with an accent and acted in a manner that is typically associated with Jewish decent, but yes, she is scripted to be Italian. It was inferred once. The scene relied heavily on the universal knowledge that all Italians are sticklers for sausage and spaghetti. As far as race actually being a problem tackled in this film, Mr. Miyagi was called a Nip, which is a derogatory term for the Japanese. Lastly, this movie sucked and the author did a great job at pointing out why. Your pointless attack on an innocent assumption made in one sentence doesn’t make it suck less. Of course, it’s not as bad as it could have been. I will give you that. The depths to which this film could have sunk are masterfully displayed in “Lil’ Smith Goes to China”, or “The karate Kid” remake. I think both titles are actually acceptable."

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