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"Went to see this because I've enjoyed all of Zack Snyder's movies up to now (didn't see the Owl one). similair criticism was angled at 300. But for me this Snyder's first misstep. Woeful plotting, mostly meaningless. Great visuals aside (everyone relax, what's wrong with appreciating girls dressed this way!) and good was essentially lame. It dared to be original but has turned out to be the HUDSON HAWK of it's day. Hopefully this will be the end of CGI-heavy films... I felt like I was being bashed on the head with a biscuit tin for 2 hours.... Not horrendous, certainly not the worst film of the year... That would be THE TOURIST..(I saw it 1st of Jan)... Just a brave idea, sooooooooooo wide of the mark..."

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