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"Man, you really need to get over yourself. Yes a lot of things are given an unnecessary American "polish" but to moan and groan about a Winnie the Pooh trailer? You may have forgotten, but Pooh hasn't been British for a lllloooonnnngggg time now. For better or worse he's an iconic DISNEY CHARACTER now. I watched the trailer and got chills from it. Why? Because that's the Pooh I grew up with. Not the cgi pooh. Not any needless update Pooh. Just simple, innocent, classic Disney Pooh. The mere idea that Disney would buck the revamp trend and give a whole new generation of funny, innocent Pooh is something that should be applauded. I got chills because it's likely that there are many kids weaned on Shrek and other crap that have never tasted Disney Pooh and company. And now they will. Hey, maybe they might even read the books one day and grow up to be complainers like you."

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