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"A compelling film that held my attention (and that of Sandra, my partner) till the very end. I cannot understand the comment above from Mike who walked out before the end. I agree that it seemed perverse for Stravinsky to spend most of the film, spanning several years, "re-composing" the Rite of Spring. As far as I can gather he did no such thing. But it did help to create an atmosphere and a background to the torrid affaire he and Coco engaged in. The opening scene, which re-created the first performance of The Rite of Spring, which turned into the Riot of Spring, thanks to the reactions of the utterly conservative Parisian audience was superb and very convincing. The cast was excellent especially the leading characters Coco and Igor. It left me with many questions about the life of Coco - that of Stravinsky is more familiar to me and well documented in the public records. It seems that to learn more about Coco requires the purchase of one or more of the books about her life, which I am seriously considering, so recommendations will be gratefully received.."

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