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"It's depressing to see what Holly(crap)wood spits out these days. Jonathan Swift's satire was a good if not great literary achievement. Each place that Gulliver taveled to was an exageration of a social characteristic and was meant through the use of satire to point out our own faults and societies own vanities. As well as its redeemable possibilities. Watching this remake, I have to wonder if the screenwriters even read Jonathan Swift or know what satire is. And why oh God WHY does EVERYTHING that comes out of old plain dead washed up hollywood have to be about "the guy gets the girl" these days?! Why?! The original story had so much more depth to it. This is just garbage and everyone YES INCLUDING Mr. Black should be ashamed of themselve for their shoddy work. Other than that I give it a C-, that is if they were just trying to remake the first few pages of Swift's original work."

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