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"Why thank you mike. I look forward to your views too, as you know. But that's enough love! Sadly no where to be seen down my way til dvd...and I can only say that this reflected my sorry experiances (cut to the chase..."modern" women!) clearer than just about anything I can recall. Gosling (brilliant) is a "flop" I suppose, but did he promise her anything different? The "TELL ME what do you want?" near the end is heart rendering (I did it pretty much for more years than I care to recall) and the coldness he faces (in revenge for her fathers coldness?) struck me like a bucket of ice water. But all this is reasonably easy to do so what's different here? A simple, honest, excuse free vibe is what. Williams SHOULD have grabbed the Oscar, as should have Gosling (Firth superb, Ryan SUPERIOR!) and when ever I feeling lonely and a tad jealous of the couples I see.....I'll put this on...and comfort myself that I no longer have to suffer such torment at bitches whims! Oh, Im sure that goes for many females too, so let us all celebrate this piece! 8/10"

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