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"A public school boy loses his innocence during the Age of Innocence, La Belle Epoque. He becomes traumatized for life from being crushed by two young adults he carries a crush for. In fact, under the adaptation by Harold Pinter, he never marries. (As often is the case with Pinter, he shifts from a period piece to its memory from the present.) The film commences with the famous quote: "The past is another country -- they do things differently there." This is a tapestried, very rich story of espionage, misplaced loyalty, true love, chivalry and decency -- all of these complicated by the rigid English class system code that reached its apogee prior to The Great War. It is lushly filmed and features a stellar cast including Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Margaret Leighton, Michael Gough, Edward Fox and Michael Redgrave. It reveals rather than explains and very visually balances intellectual and emotional taboos. I watch The Go-Between" every year or so and the result, similar to rereading "The Great Gatsby," is that I become amazed that with each viewing I find even greater depth. The film is charcter driven, leading to a complex and mysterious plot that I shouldn't want to spoil. Director Joseph Losey was a film genius on par with David Lean."

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