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"What saves this film with its rambling, formulaic plot which the screenwriters no doubt believe is an intellectual variation on the `Bourne Trilogy` . . .. is the direction and photography which are superb. I'm afraid JohnnyP's comments about the plot, despite the hyperbole he uses, are spot-on. Were this film to rely on its ` genetically-enhanced Supergirl tries to find her roots` theme with its rambling narrative and its lack of psychological depth, one might have had a really dull film. . . But the director , Joe Wright, pulls enough cinematic tricks out of the bag to fool the likes of Time Out's Tom Huddleston (and other arts undergraduates who want astonish the world with their insights!) into thinking this is a four-star film . . .. Admittedly there is much in the film to admire and the locations in snow-bound Northern Europe and dust-laden Morocco are wonderful. The actors do their best, but in the end despite the frenetic chases and picturesque travels, they can't get a foothold in any emotional landscape . . and there lies the problem.. In the end, this film is like its heroine's strap-line, `it aims for the heart, and misses.`"

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