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"I have a lot of issues with this half thrown together article piece..for one every single animated film that was put up was put down for pretentious reasons by the article writer and Terry Gilliam..two you left out of the most important animated films of all time Fullmetal Alchemist:Conqueror of Shamballa yet you put Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie on this list?Really?The fullmetal alchemist film should be on this list alone just for its lush and beautifully fluid animation!Its a crime that its not on this list!South Park the movie a musical masterpiece?I can't take you or this article seriously after such a laughable comment like least you had enough common sense to put Spirited Away and Akira on this list and Toy Story is one of the most overrated films made in the last 15 years no doubt.The list was somewhat interesting but far to predictable and idiotic for my taste."

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