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"Well, you can certainly rely on Time Out's film reviews. Go to a load of pretentious, incompetently filmed BS like Heartbeats and Time Out gives it four stars. But go to a finely-made, moving and sensitive film examining a fundamental subject like life and death, in this case Never Let Me Go, and what does Time Out produce? A classic whine and a ludicrous comparison with The Island. I went to see NLMG knowing nothing at all about it beforehand (for all I knew it could have been the latest Jennifer Aniston crapfest), and was deeply impressed by a serious view of the issues here (don't want to give too much away with spoilers, even at this late stage). But I suppose there's one good thing about this review: you can, as ever, rely on a Time Out review, in that if TO says it's good, it'll be shite, and if TO says it's bad, it may well be as good as this film is."

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