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"TC's review is spot on. Many a flaw but the the film is mainly let down by two things. Firstly there's a total incosnsistency of tone- varying from brutal violence to lightweight humour without the deft touch necessary. Secondly, the plot is simple minded and founded on the flimisiest of assumptions (the whole "passion" speech leading to the stadium, he's looking at her pictures so he must be the killer!). The fact there's a bravura single take sequence in the middle only highlights how uncinematic the rest of the film is (and by cinematic I don't mean glossy cinematography). Oh and did I mention the cornball central love story which even has a sequence where a lover runs after a train (30 years after being spoofed in frickin Airplane!). Seriously, some people are so over awed by subtitles. If this film was American it would have been panned. Hammy, melodramatic nonsense which doesn't hold a candle to White Ribbon or A Prophet."

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