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"Hello, i have just stumbled upon this competition and am frustrated as I have a horror story, but I have not written it out. I cannot write it out in time as well as I need help with my dialogue skills. But i am very good at storytelling in person and composing music to my own stories, acting them out and even directing. I have a story you might be interested in. Psychological Horror. For now the title is 'BOYFRIEND' and would be happy to talk to someone in person or on the phone and tell them my ideas. Its down to atmosphere, direction, score and acting. Storyline is simple, but has morals flung in all over the place...its just good ha ha. please contact me if interested. I am upset to not make the competition in time. If not, can you please put me in contact with someone who would be interested. I also have a story about a hitman, bounty hunters and many other bizzare characters who dont know eachother, but somehow all become connected in thier deaths. Thankyou. Mark Harvey."

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