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"I took four boys ages 11-16 to see it at IMAX in San Francisco a week ago. For me, seeing small town America in the 1970s was a great memory throw back that adults who were in their teens at that time should enjoy since there were references today's teens wouldn't catch. The boys really enjoyed the movie since the characters were of the same age, mostly boys, and had enough technology and suspense to keep them caught up in the plot, which I attribute to JJ Abrams. Being at IMAX just made it easier to loose ourselves in the story since the size and sound is fantastic. The movie is definately Spielburg-esk and has the familiar feel of several of his other pictures, so if you don't like Spielburg or feel good "mid-teen" movies you are out of luck. But if you like the magic Spielburg creates and the style of JJ Abrams, not to mention a retro 70s trip, then you will like this movie... the boys and I did."

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