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"There's no doubting the sensitivity and sincerity on display in this film but with such a paper- thin plot it's hard to engage . . . . Basically the plot is . . `depressed guy returns to home-town and meets pretty girl who cheers him up. `. . .. That's about it . . .. . . On the plus side, there's a lot of quirky humour and rustic eccentricity which reveals an America you don't see in the Hollywood products . . . but . . . . unfortunately, despite its downbeat charm the film can't compensate for a basic lack of plot . . . . As Geoff Andrew indicates in the Time Out review . . .the music exudes tan indulgence and sentimentalism which sabotage the film's attempts to give a harder edge to the anti-hero's critique of small-town America. . . To sum up , this film is a sort of diluted Catcher in the Rye with the music of Paul Simon as a sweetener . . . However, Natalie Portman's performance livens things up considerably . . . Worth seeing. ."

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