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"Yes,Kelt,John,Jojo-you did not enjoy it.Thats fine.I wonder why you attend in the firstplace/I knew what I was getting from it,blockbuster fun----------------Huddlestone,I can accept his dull repetetive mumblings--"I'm a critic ,this was dull I'mm a critic the story was rubbish bla blah blah( yes I just accept it now I dont forgive it however...,he comes over as an idiot who mocks all action films that are half decent)..But the rest of you?? Why oh why do you torture yourself??I would not go and see a cartoon kids film for 5 year olds or a sex and the city film,because I wont enjoy them.So just,well er just FUCK off basically-- If on the other hand you like action,special effects and Michael Bay and Steven spielberg and huge big fuck off robots smashing shit out of everything AGAIN < you will be like I was ,with a bit of a semi on, for about two hours.for about 2 hours."

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