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"Really enjoyed the first film. Didn't think the second was so good but still fun. Thought the third was again fun and worth a watch for the cgi alone. Kids or adults who grew up with the original toys & cartoon will enjoy. However, anyone looking for something more challenging to get their amateur film critic teeth into would be best off giving it a miss. Be a kid again for a couple of hours and enjoy for what it is, visually spectacular and good fun but don't expect something that's going to win Oscars. For the record there's nothing gotesque or softcore about the way the leading lady's shot in this film. She has an absolutely stunning figure which would've been hard to hide even if she'd spent the whole film clad in jeans and a baggy jumper.  Thankfully she didn't but if you're worried about taking kids because of the reviewers reference to softcore porn....don't be. The only skin you're going to see is legs, granted long and gorgeous but legs nonetheless and nothing more risqué than that."

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