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"OH the worm has turned--Mr Huddlestone have we ever seen a critic provoke as much response as the movie itself?----SO-- some people actually like this movie.why not,I'm no child and I found it a great piece of escapist cinema.Pure high adrenelin fun with one piece of pointless casting with a sillly looking pouty stick thing who has zero screen presence and no acting ability(its a shma megan Fox and Micahel Bay fell out,as she was believeable--as an ordinary girl who was really really pretty-this new one? just stuck in there with no crediblility as Sam's bird or as a believeable part-just a gangly fat lipped cat walk turd creature who eats one grape and smokes 80 marlboro a day, and some people thinks thats fit??) back to the movie,Sorry Tom but yet again the cracks in your review are as bog as the san Andreas fault.they only highlight your dislike and mistrust of huge global box office apealing action beasts such as 2012 and the transformers series,citing poor plot and wooden acting shows up that you were looking for thespian flaws that no one else was.TOM,,hers a heads up mate ITS A TRANFORMERS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! robots?optimus prime?Megatromn? They talk like WWFwrestlers and change from cars into talking robots and fire guns(and never reload)? its fun !!! I read that George Lucas loves these films-we know Speilbergs involved.I ask you,In modern cinema I know of no other stronger reccomendation thatn those two guys for shear enjoyment,and taking us on a ride-somewhere to escape to-along with Roland Emmerich and James Cameron you have cinemas artists--they paint a magcal celluloid picture with magical end product that smashes our senses and bring a smile to our eyes.there are other genres for sure-but these are action stories,--its a journey--goonies-ET-JAWS- Indiana jones-Independance day-Star wars-Avavtar- we want to be entertained TOM... and as for any other reviewers out there knocking this film,do me a favour if they bring out part 4---stay off here...."

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