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"Gidharji, I am well aware of Ray, Ghatak, Sen, Gopalkrishnan et al. However, that does not mean Bollywood should disappear. From the beginning Bollywood has provided a progressive sound track to the Indian masses. The very first Bollywood movie Achutkanya was about the love between a dalit girl and an uppercaste man. quite revolutionary in the 1920s. More recently, the crude Bollywood comedies helped cancel the colonial anti gay laws with minimal protests. Many would say the romantic vision of Guru Dutt (mainstream bollywood) was more original and creative than the Italianesque neo realism of Ray. Appreciating high culture does not mean that you should be ashamed of pop cultiure. That was my point about the Japanese Manga. Bollywood needs to be compared not to arthouse cinema, but to hollywood. I found Hollywood cliched and dull and formulaic. I look for colours, music, emotions and a few good laughs in Bollywood, and mostly I get it. So do Africans, Latinos, Soviet Bloc people and the East Asian, what's left? Oh the G8 countries, who are rapidly becoming irrelevant. You obviously did not see the movie DB. New Bollywood is exciting because I can personally relate to it and own it. Hollywood is for wannabes. And dude, did you actually use the words "morals" and "Tarantino" in one sentence?!"

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