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"ATTACK THE BLOCK????????????? SERIOUSLY HUDDLESTONE???? ARE YOU DOING THIS ON PURPOSE-- i bet you enjoyed GIGLI.............THAT FILM (attack the block)WAS A -5 OUT OF 5. YES MINUS FIVE .It was awfull-utter rubbish and served to convince me that our efforts quite rightly so are dwarved by the big USA studio pieces.It infuriates me when critics seek to attack the hollywood machine just to boost their infantile "get me,I'm a critic" credibility with their contemporaries while the rest of us queue up night after night to see the biggies. attack the block was worse than the pretend movie within this film,the super8 real that accompanies the end creditts on 'super 8 _ about zombies(it had better production values-chuckle)'Its ludicrous to suggest that a weak poorly acted jumpy camera unbelieveable nonsense follow up to an episode of torchwood(attack the block)can even be mentioned in the same sentence as one of the finest alien genre movies in years,up there with ID4 E.T. close encounters, war or the worlds. And ofcourse because of the kids, the goonies influence is there too...Here are some facts 1-Amercans are better than us(brits) at blockbusters(thats why our and their mags and blogs are full of them. 2)super 8 is the best film since AVATAR 3) Huddlestone hates money spent on movies assuming that their budget instantly deems them to be inferior 'stories' than low budget dribble 4)if you have an ounce of sentiment and you yearn for feel good action charactor driven movies with great humour and a big monster chucked in-then relax and enjoy 2011's only 5 star film so far...................... attack the block my a**e"

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